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A professional Building Manager will ultimately secure a better return on your investment. Our professionals have your best interests at heart and can protect the long-term value of your assets. A building struggles to operate at full efficiency without a team of strong, practically minded individuals on the ground, getting things done. The building manager’s functions are both critical and fundamental to the operational success of any building development.

Not having a maintenance plan in place can prove disastrous to the lifecycle of the building. Buildings must undergo a maintenance program to ensure they remain compliant, safe, and secure for all inhabitants, and to save it’s stakeholders money in the long run.

“If I was to rename EXCEL Building Management one-word springs to mind; Integrity. Having worked with the staff of EXCEL for the past 6 years in my capacity as Chairperson and Treasurer of Cove Apartments, I have come to value the integrity of the staff and all service supplied by all persons I come in contact within their organization. I have been consistently impressed with their attention to detail and proactive management of situations and assets. I would find it very difficult to find another building management company of the calibre of EXCEL.”

Lionel Rodrigues, Chairperson & Treasurer Cove Apartments, The Rocks
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