Building Management

Having a good building manager will ultimately secure a better return on your investment. Our professionals have your best interests at heart and can protect the long-term value of your assets.  A building struggles to operate at full efficiency without a team of strong, practically minded individuals on the ground, getting things done. The building manager’s functions are both critical and fundamental to the operational success of any building development.

Not having a maintenance plan in place can prove disastrous to the lifecycle of the building. Buildings must undergo a maintenance program to ensure they remain compliant, safe, and secure for all inhabitants, and to save it’s stakeholders money in the long run.


Excel’s 5-star concierge services form a vital part of our overall service model. Our people are hand-selected through a rigorous recruitment process to ensure they possess the administrative capability as well as the right interpersonal qualities for the role. We engage honest, discreet, service-orientated and friendly concierge staff, making residential and corporate environments feel both comfortable and secure.

Concierge staff work closely with our building management team. Working as one team is something our clients appreciate, and we hear this time and again through their positive feedback.

Loading Dock Management

Our Loading Dock Managers are responsible for organised and controlled management of busy loading docks to enhance traffic flow whilst minimising congestion and disruption.


Excel’s overnight security/concierge provide an extra qualification that is sometimes required by the Client. Security/concierge have completed formal training in Certificate II in Security Operations, carry current Class 1AC security licences and First Aid Certificates.

Excel Building Management Pty Ltd holder of Master Security Licence number 00010335.


Tru Brite Cleaning Services is our sister Company with 27 consecutive years servicing the strata industry delivering exceptional outcomes. Excel works alongside Tru Brite on the vast majority of our managed sites in a synchronised and cohesive manner, delivering focused and efficient outcomes that add significant value to our client’s assets.