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Proudly providing premium Building Management and Concierge services to the Strata Industry.

We Are Excel

We are committed to securing the value of your investment.
Established 2001

Our Difference

At Excel, people are at the heart of our organisation. Our rigorous recruitment process ensures that all members of our team are both capable and enthusiastic to provide the highest standard of service to our clients.

Direct Employment

All staff are directly employed on payroll.

Field Experience

All Head Office staff have field experience on our sites and can apply practical knowledge to complex problems.

In-House Services

All staff are trained internally to provide the highest standard of direct in-house services.


All Head Office staff are university graduates and are operating at the top of their field.


Core Values

We strive to add worth to our clients investments over time. Our standards of service ensure that the buildings under our care operate at the highest level of efficiency. Our reputation is at stake, our values are never compromised.


We think laterally. We leverage our corporate knowledge to find unique solutions with optimum outcomes to complex problems.


Courtesy, kindness and tolerance towards others form a critical part of our beliefs and behaviours.


We keep promises, honour commitments and take ownership of our roles by being accountable.


We are adaptable to varying challenges and bounce back from adversity.


Our Client and Stakeholders Voice


What We Do

Since 2001, Excel Building Management has been Australia's leading provider of cost-effective building management services to the top-end of the strata market.

Building Management

Having a good building manager will ultimately secure a better return on your investment. Our professionals have your best interests at heart and can protect...

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Excel’s 5-star concierge services form a vital part of our overall service model. Our people are hand-selected through a rigorous recruitment process to ensure they...

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Loading Dock Management

Our Loading Dock Managers are responsible for organised and controlled management of busy loading docks to enhance traffic flow whilst minimising congestion and disruption.

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