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Preventative Maintenance Planning

Excel Building Management Team can provide valuable support and expertise in developing an appropriate preventative maintenance plan for a strata apartment building. We can conduct a thorough inspection of the building’s systems and assets, identifying any areas that require immediate attention or ongoing maintenance. We also analyze historical data to identify any patterns or trends in equipment failures or maintenance needs, which can help to inform the development of a comprehensive preventative maintenance plan.

With the use of our management software, staff can track and schedule maintenance tasks, ensuring that all building systems and assets are regularly inspected and serviced. Our goal is to establish appropriate performance benchmarks for each asset, which can be monitored and adjusted over time. Ultimately, we can work with our committee and stakeholders to develop a customized preventative maintenance plan that meets the specific needs of the building, ensuring its ongoing functionality and safety.

“Eileen and I wish to thank you for the kindness, care and attention which you have shown to us over our two and half years at the Residence. It was always highly reassuring to know you and your team were there, and prepared to deal with any eventuality with your usual efficiency.”

John Frasier
Strata Community

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