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  • Building & Facilities Management since takeover 2008

Built by Multiplex for the 2000 Olympics, King Street Wharf is one of Sydney’s most famous attractions for restaurants and night life. This large complex is located on the prime harbour frontage adjoining Darling Harbour and actively engages with its maritme environment.

Multiplex & Australand – Joint Venture
Cox Richardson & Crone Nation – Joint Venture

King Street Wharf is a multi-strata and multi-Building Management Commitee (BMC) site, with 3 precincts encompassing 363 apartments, 5 towers of commercial offices and split level offices and retail space. The tightly integrated residential, commercial and retail outlets along the wharf frontages lining the promenade combined with natural materials throughout including stone, steel and timber provide a warm and relaxing atmosphere encouraging public interation.

EXCEL has a developed a quality 3-tiered full-time management team on-site to cater for the complex requirements of King Street Wharf, implementing our proven systems and procedures for ongoing effective management and continual improvement.

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King St Wharf seawater ac upgrade

Sea Water Plant AC Upgrade

King Street Wharf has 3 sea water plants for the cooling requirements of Precincts 1 and 2.

Maximising energy savings and extending the life of plant and equipment (by running them efficiently and as and when needed) are paramount.

EXCEL commissioned a BEMS (Building Energy Management System) to control new state-of-the-art variable speed drives, an Alfa Laval filtration system, 3 heat exchangers and a back flow prevention device. This BEMS will assist the fine tuning of the mechanical ventilation plant dependant on the changing needs of the season or the client expectations.

The new system is Honeywell based on an open BACnet system which will provide freedom of choosing future service providers and back up support. This system is not restricted to using only one support provider.

Carbon Monoxide monitoring was installed throughout Precinct 1 and 2 car parks- to assist with the effectiveness of the BEMS (energy savings).

King St Wharf boiler upgrade

Boiler Upgrade Project

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King St Wharf seawater plant cleaning

Sea water plant Foot Valve cleaning

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