Frequently Asked Questions

What is EXCEL about?

EXCEL stands for excellence in the services we provide to our clients:

Dedication, Efficiency, Transparency, Reliability, Accountability.

We build strong, enduring relationships with our clients by providing impeccable, streamlined professional services that are cost-effective – and create value.

What services do you provide?

Core Services:
Building & Facilities Management
Value Added Services:
End-to-end project management
Client presentations
New site setup
Financial Management and others

We do not sub-contract any of our services as we take pride and ownership in the services we offer. For more information, please call 02 9518 8577 or email us.

What is your market?

High-end residential, commercial and mixed use Strata.

Our portfolio is diverse and includes everything from high-rise to smaller boutique buildings.

How large and flexible is your organisation? What staff backup is available?

We understand the importance of seamless service. We have relief Building/Facility Managers and relief Concierge, all cross-trained for several sites and available at short notice.

We use sophisticated management systems including Concierge Scheduling, Roster Plus and our Global Calendar to ensure we have adequate cover at all times with well trained, experienced and site knowledgeable relief staff.

Why do you think you are different from your competitors?

We deliver on our promise of great service.

  • We understand our industry and roles.
  • Our experience spans well over a decade in which we have accumulated a rich field of knowledge.

We deliver services that our competitors can only envy.

How long have you been in the industry? What is your experience?

Excel was founded in 2001 by former Chartered Architect John Cotorceanu.
Since then we have developed and grown incrementally each year to establish an extensive, quality portfolio of high-end landmark sites.

Do you have experience with pre-opening sites?

Yes. We have prepared pre-opening management plans, detailed budgeting, client and consultant liaison for sites such as:

Our responsibilities included the compilation of Owners Manuals, setting the many systems and procedures applicable for each site; managing the settlement process and subsequent moving in processes, setting up databases, developing budgets and a range of other tasks.

What special larger projects has Excel been involved with?

Can you explain what financial management service means?

Working in close liaison with the Strata Managers, we assist with the formulation of detailed budgets and sinking fund analysis so as to establish accuracy and stability.

Do you have any experience taking over established? Can you ensure smooth transition without much disruption to the services?

Excel has vast experience taking over established sites. Our structured processes ensured a seamless transition with:

King Street Wharf Sydney, Finger Wharf Woolloomooloo, Ikon Potts Point, Rockwall Gardens Potts Point, Form Apartments Zetland amongst others.

Can you give us an idea about your Systems and Procedures?

Excel, in consultation with our Clients, has developed and refined our Systems and Procedures over many years. We use the very best technology to keep on top of the myriad of tasks involved in running a modern building. Our procedural control templates include:

Progress Updates
Weekly Progress Report; Monthly Building Inspection Report; Building Management Reports, Completed Items Report, Defects Registers, Monthly summary updates, Incident Reports etc.
Preventative Maintenance
Our Preventative Maintenance Matrix structures the maintenance requirements for different types of equipment and serves multiple other needs like tendering contractors, comparisons with budget, establishing attendances and so on.
Training Manuals
Our Building Manager Manuals and Concierge Manuals are a prized source of learning material for our staff.
Procedure Manuals
Moving in-out and deliveries procedure; settlement procedure; key and parcel management procedure; contractors, visitors and cleaners sign in-out procedure; a/con installation management procedure; small renovation management procedure; cleaning schedules and waste management; cleaner supervising scheme; etc.

Our custom-built intranet also serves as a management tool for processing of work orders, cost allocations and the like. We use webmail, Global Calendar, Rostering software as part of our communications and management devices to run a smooth operation.