We build strong, enduring relationships with our clients by providing impeccable, streamlined professional services that are cost-effective – and create value.

  • History

    Founded in 2001 by former Chartered Architect, John Cotorceanu, EXCEL’s continuing organic growth and success is a testament to our consistency with service and actively listening, learning and tailoring solutions to meet our Clients’ specific requirements.

    I learned the art of independence and individuality early in life. It creates self belief, energises and motivates. I do not believe in micro-managing as perspective is so easily lost. Empowering staff by cultivating a principled environment within a structured framework of training, support and encouragement is key. Our people require the confidence and skill to perform at their best. This ultimately translates to how the services are delivered on the ground. We all make mistakes but it what is made of the resultant experiences and opportunities that really count.

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  • Principles

    EXCEL exists for our Clients:

    • Our Clients goals are EXCEL’s goals.
    • We measure our success on the value and benefits we create.
    • If our Clients are successful, then EXCEL is successful.

    Our people are the heart of our organisation – each individual makes an important contribution that is integral to our success (and that of our Clients).

    EXCEL has the resources and infrastructure to support our people.

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  • Mission

    We strive to EXCEL with:

    • A tireless focus on systems review and a constant improvement of our processes.
    • Our adaptability and capability to deliver results in a timely, well researched and comprehensive manner.
    • Back of house support and training for our field staff provided by our Senior Management based at Head Office.
    • The cohesion and unity of our team and synergies of our services setting the benchmark in our market niche.
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  • Industry Affiliations

    EXCEL is a proud member of the following industry organisations:

    • SCA – Strata Community Australia
    • FMAA – Facility Management Association Australia
    • UDIA – Urban Development Institute of Australia (New South Wales)
  • Head-office


    Our people are our biggest asset as a Company. We have robust recruitment processes in place to ensure we engage the right match for each specific context.

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    Social Events

    EXCEL has cultivated a culture of unity and collaboration facilitated through a range of social events such as our company foosball team, bowling, playing card and social evenings and through our internal training sessions.

    This translates to low staff attrition rates and provides stability and predictability to staff and very importantly to our client base.